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A Python project I did while bored one day.

The original intent was to have the output be the final animated gif file, but I never finished that aspect and just used GIMP to compile the stills.

The idea was just to have sine waves that emanated from given points and be able to accurately display the waves and in the case of multiple origins, the interference patterns.

Just think of them as being seen from above, white being crests and black being troughs.  Now, this was around the same time as the Voronoi images so no surprise that different metrics where on my mind.  I did the normal Euclidean distance but also threw in my favourite alternate metric, Manhattan distance.

So, some typical examples follow.  These are the same sine waves, same amplitude, frequency and velocity, just different metrics.

Single origin, Euclidean distance sine wave. No drop off of amplitude here or in any of the animations shown below, although the software was capable of it. Basically you have expanding concentric circles here, nothing mind blowing.Single origin, Euclidean distance sine wave.
Single origin, Manhattan distance sine wave. This is the same origin point, same frequency, amplitude and velocity, only the distance metric changes. Expanding concentric diamonds (or squares if you don't think standing a square on a point changes anything about it) replace the circles, but of the same thickness etc. A little neat, but nothing to write home about.Single origin Manhattan distance sine wave
Dual origin, Euclidean distance sine waves, interfering. The two wave generators are producing waves of identical frequency, amplitude and velocity. A nice interference pattern looking exactly as one would expect.Dual origin, Manhattan distance sine waves interfering
Dual origin, Manhattan distance sine waves, interfering. So, this has the same origin points, same frequency, amplitude and velocity as the one just above, but Manhattan distance is used instead of the normal Euclidean distance. This is the exact same interference pattern as the one just above, but because of how the distance is calculated, we get this really neat patchwork effect. I discuss just a few of the key features after the cut.Dual origin, Manhattan distance sine waves interfering

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