There has been good, there has been bad, but there is always busy.
Even a very simple post about mathematics, for example, takes a very long time to write. Time that I haven’t had available in a while.
But I do have time to help make the internet a safer, more secure place.
So I have set up a secure domain (rather painlessly thanks to my hosting company) and is now a thing.
Certificate is from Let’s Encrypt!

So, I guess the take away is use a good hosting company (I like mine) and no excuse not to offer encryption, so, get on it.

This video describes exactly what mathematicians do and how applied number theory works.

In other words, it’s time for Numberwang!

(Clip from That Mitchell & Webb Look.  I did not post the linked clip, so if anyone involved with the show wants the clip removed please contact Youtube directly.  Also, one of the greatest comedy sketch shows ever made, so check it out if you get the chance.)